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Composing A Top-Quality Response Essay: A Quick Guide

When writing academic essays for your school or college, you have to keep a several things in your mind. You may find it easier because all of these assignments follow the same structure of an introduction, body and conclusion, but there is much more to writing. You do not only have to follow the right format but also be careful about the title you choose, the subject area you address, the type of your paper, the evidence you include and the order of information in your paper. A response essay is your answer to a certain work by an author where you evaluate their work and give your opinion about the strengths and weaknesses in their work. If you are to create a top quality response paper, then you should follow this guide below

The structure of your paper

You can write this paper in two different organizational structures. The difference will be between the body paragraphs only because the introduction and conclusion would stay the same. You can either write in block paragraphs both the summary and your response or you can discuss each point one by one and write your response with it.

Structure for block paragraphs Structure for one by one points 1. Introduction 1. Introduction Opening sentence opening sentence Thesis statement thesis statement 2. Body 2. Body a) Summary a) summary point one B) Agreement b) summary point two Supporting data c) Disagreement c) summary point three Supporting evidence Write your agreement or disagreement with each point 3. Conclusion 3. Conclusion

These are two different methods to create the structure of your paper and you can follow any one that you like.

Being objective while writing a response

A response is your evaluation of the work and you have to make sure that you are passing a verdict about whether you agree or disagree with the ideas of the author. It is possible that you do not completely disagree rather have an agreement on some points. You have to be objective and honestly highlight the strengths and weaknesses in the paper. Remember that if you point out a potential gap in the work, you will also have to give the solution for this gap and suggest how the work could have been made better. If you do not have a solution, then you should not point it out in the first place