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Where Do I Look For A Persuasive Essay Sample For High School?

The persuasive essay is where a writer takes a stand either for or against an issue. It is the purpose of the writer to convince the reader to believe in the position she or he is defending. As it utilizes logic and reason, planning a persuasive essay requires a solid understanding of a clear essay structure and an analysis of one’s expected audience. You also need to do research or know enough about the topic you are defending to sway the audience you write for. Typically, the persuasive essay is short and straightforward; it runs to five or six paragraphs.

Online Databases

Using a search engine to locate online databases storing high school persuasive essays is a good way to find a sample for your needs. It gives you a way to better learn the structure of a persuasive essay and the kind of topics it would cover.

School Library

The school library usually stores papers written by students from all grades over the years in the school archive. You can gain access to such papers through the library. The persuasive essays stored in the library were read and graded by teachers so they would surely be helpful as samples.

There are also bound to be books on essay writing which will contain samples of the perfect persuasive essay. Use these samples to improve how you structure your own persuasive essay effectively. Asking a librarian for the kind of essay sample you are looking for would be fruitful in this regard.

Writing Services

Many writing services offer free samples of persuasive essays for potential clients. Even if you cannot hire a custom writing firm to create an essay for you, you are free to learn from and improve your understanding of the persuasive essay from the samples they provide. Make sure to study those papers carefully as they were probably written by writers from a similar background.

Your Networks

You may be surprised to discover that someone in your family or group of friends might provide you with a well-crafted persuasive essay. Do not discount this source for your essay sample as your network can include those experienced with the persuasive essay style of writing. Teachers can also direct you to the right resources for a persuasive essay sample in case you are unable to do so yourself.

Always keep in mind that an essay must be a culmination of your thoughts and ideas of an issue. Use persuasive essay samples to improve how you write your own but make sure to present your writing in a manner that is true to you.