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Handpicked Argumentative Essay Topics About Health Care

Health care is an important topic that every person should be familiar with, at least, to some extent. For this reason, your teacher may ask you to compose an argumentative essay related to health care. If they don’t specify what exact issue you should discuss in your paper, you should select a topic on your own. A list of good sample topics can help you gain inspiration to come up with an original idea for your academic essay.

A Collection of Health Care Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. The Affordable Care Act has negative implications for the practice of psychology.
  2. The current caregiving system should be improved.
  3. Managed health care should adopt emerging medical technologies faster.
  4. Nurse-managed health centers should have more investments.
  5. Primary health care needs more social workers.
  6. Doctors should pass doctor-patient communication tests.
  7. The government should pay more attention to health care fraud.
  8. Teamwork should be an essential part of nurses’ training.
  9. Health care workers should be allowed to conduct euthanasia on a patient’s request.
  10. The health care system should pay more attention to resolving ethical dilemmas in hospice care.

Writing an Argumentative Essay: Sources to Ask for Assistance

So, remember that if you aren’t sure what topic to select for your argumentative essay, there are two points that you should stick to. First, a topic should be interesting for you to write about. Second, a topic should be debatable. There is no need to raise arguments if your way of thinking is the only right one.