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A List Of 15 Unique College Argumentative Essay Topics

All across educational institutions in various countries, one common feature is the writing of essays. This is because writing essays are one of the most interesting ways to learn and to teach. The following sections of this article deal with a list of 15 unique college argumentative topics. These are topics that can be easily seen at the many colleges in virtually any country. Let’s go through them one after the other:

  1. Abortion and its Benefits: For many reasons, abortion has turned out to be one of the most controversial issues of our time. Across the globe, in various climes, there are parties both for and those in vicious opposition of the practice. The benefits of abortion as a practice will make a spectacular topic debate or argue on.
  2. The War on Terror is a Failure: For many people, the war on terrorism is nothing but a massive failure. Not everyone agrees with this as they believe that there are some interesting and encouraging gains. It is a fertile basis for arguments.
  3. We Need More Political Parties: Many countries have just two political parties which according to some, has led to the stifling of democracy or even promoted the rise of authoritarianism in various regions of the planet. This can be argued against or for.
  4. Religion Serves No Purpose: For centuries, the usefulness of religion is one that has taken the center stage as far as philosophical, and intellectual debates are concerned.
  5. Capitalism and Its Disadvantages: Many detest the high priests of profitmaking and feel capitalism has done more harm than good to us as the human race. Not everyone will agree to this while some others fully subscribe to the idea.
  6. The Drug War is a Failure
  7. Violence Is On The Rise In Our Schools
  8. Healthcare Should Be Free
  9. Internet Access Should Be Made Human Right
  10. Global Warming is a Hoax
  11. There Are No Aliens
  12. Military Budgets Should Be Slashed
  13. Alternative Energies Should Be Developed Faster:
  14. Diseases Are On The Rise
  15. We Are Winning The War Against Corruption

The topics listed above have been carefully selected, and anyone of them will divide and immediately polarize the audience. For this and some other reasons, they are just ideal for use when the focus is on arguing out the points of the two sides.