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Ten Most Interesting Discursive Essay Topics For High School Students

Discursive types of essays actually belong to the persuasive or argumentative essay family. The only slight difference is that these are regarded as more poised as well as balanced. In addition to this, there is a feeling that such writing piece prefers to do both sides of the subject matter; shifting to one or the other side solely at the final part.

It is substantial to note that high school students have a broad scope for development if they choose the appropriate discursive essay to work on. What is more, the best thing about this form of essay is that it instructs students the art of analysis and dissection. Needless to say, while picking the subject for such form of essay, it is crucial to keep the standards in mind. Note that you cannot coerce them with frankly complex subjects.

Essentially, it is recommendable to choose the topic for essay from general life such as objectification, school, neighborhood, regulations, movies and the like. Through this, high school students have a bit of insight regarding the subject and feel motivated to come up with a profound enquiry.

Take note that it matters to instruct the students in terms of handling these subjects in a composed approach. More than that, the students should have deeper understanding about how a certain instruction could be perceived from 2 or more distinct angles. This aids in improving the extent of thought-processes.

When it comes to conclusion, the writer should ensure it to be something that last. Readers must obtain knowledge and find the piece worth-reading as they have something to reflect on.

Here are 10 most engrossing discursive essay topics for high school students:
  1. Should all students be compulsory involved in the cultural programs of the school they attend?
  2. What are the most effective approaches to control school bullying?
  3. Should ordinary citizen be authorized with the right to act in certain cases such as saving a minor from being molested?
  4. What is the impact of assigning homework or various projects to high school students?
  5. Your stand on mercy killing
  6. Should it be mandatory for high school students to learn foreign language?
  7. Is it all right for parents to monitor their high school son or daughter’s internet use?
  8. Should the use of mobile phones be banned during school hours?
  9. Are present-day methods of school discipline effective?
  10. Should there be a legal curfew for children below 18 years old?