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Top 20 Up-To-Date Topics For A College Essay On Sports

Do you need to complete a college essay on a sports topic, but do not know what kind of topic to work on? Make sure that a good quality topic is selected as that will allow you to work on a project that you are interested in as opposed to one that you are stuck with. Therefore, read on for a list of 20 topics that you can be interested in to work on for your sports essay on sports:

  1. How many NBA championships will the Warriors win in the next 7 years?
  2. How are the rule changes in the NBA improving the state of the game?
  3. What rule changes can be implemented in the NBA so that the quality of the game is improved?
  4. What are the top 3 players in the NBA in your opinion?
  5. Describe the event that was the 50th Super Bowl
  6. Describe the top 3 sports in the US today
  7. Describe the top 3 sports in Europe today
  8. How can we all benefit from an increase in number of kids taking up sports?
  9. Describe how the next Olympic games will unfold
  10. What are the top 3 sports professionals in the world
  11. Describe the ideal type of sports person to have in the world today as a role model
  12. What are the best football players in the world today?
  13. What is the best football club in the world today?
  14. Who has been the most questionable sports start of the last 2 years?
  15. What can be done today to decrease the number of sports professionals taking drugs?
  16. How is the current state of sports improving society as a whole?
  17. Why is sports so important for the average fan?
  18. Describe a new sports that could be added to the world stage today
  19. Name the top NBA team of the last 5 years
  20. Name the best shooter in the NBA today

These sample title are a good starting point to understand what can be chosen. If you don’t like them, then at the very least use them for inspiration purposes so that you are able to figure out your own one.