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A Collection Of Persuasive Essay Topics And Examples

Are you wondering whether you can ever become one of those top figures in persuasive essay writing? You should not keep disturbing your mind because everything is possible provided you do it with determination. There are many people who were once rookies but with constant practice, they are now respectable and reliable writers. In this article, you will learn proven persuasive essay topics and perfect examples that can get you on the course when you want to compose a good paper.

Researching about persuasive essay topics

Before you can look at the topics that have been listed below, you should know why they are some of the well-written ones. You need to equip yourself with knowledge about ideal persuasive essay topics. This will help you make correct choices of topics. Good research should be conducted from updated versions of literature books. Without prior knowledge, you might find the entire thing very confusing. The following topics are important for you. Simply choose the best that suits the subject you want to write about.

What is the role of a persuasive essay?

A persuasive essay is majorly composed to convince the audience on a particular subject. Therefore, the topic chosen should be adequate enough to convince all the readers and provide answers to all their questions.

  1. Should people quit Facebook and Twitter for creating isolation among them?
  2. Should every watchman be given a gun or should they only be restricted to police officers?
  3. Should all citizens be permitted to own guns for personal defense against robbers in countries with constant war?
  4. Should people who post threats on social media be prosecuted or should it just be considered fun?
  5. Are trophies able to cause students to worker harder or do they make them lazy?
  6. Is technological advancement depriving people of their job opportunities?
  7. Should all high school students be requested to go for computer classes before they get to the college level?
  8. Should parents stop giving heavy punishments to their children?
  9. Should all lovers officially wed before they get married?
  10. Should all parents and guardians who choose marriage partners for their children be prosecuted for violating their rights?
  11. Should all schools in the world have a standard time of starting?
  12. Should all the casual workers be given a salary increase for their hard work?
  13. Should all children in the world be given similar vaccines?

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