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What To Write An Essay On: 20 Thought-Provoking Ideas

Essays are one of the most popular types of assignments that is issued to the student body of a school or equivalent academic institute. Because individuals are exposed to this type of exercise from an early age many students gain the ability to execute or utilize the basic rules and regulations that govern most literary pieces. This is a great happening seeing that there are several unique types of reports and documents that students must learn about when they are close to finishing the second half of their academic life.

With that said it should be evident that the understanding and command of such an exercise must be acquired in order to successfully complete ones school life. Please do not simply choose the titles easiest for you which are contained within the list below because you would not get the most out of this exercise. Of the twenty essays strive to attempt all at least once for good measure.

  1. Penmanship should be removed from the syllabus and replaced with a typing class.
  2. Genetically modified foods should not be made available in certain countries.
  3. Should machines replace human beings on certain job sites?
  4. Should the parents of a gay student undergo counseling in order to cope with them?
  5. Just as it is now compulsory for companies to hire people of different ethnic groups, so should it be for the LGBT community.
  6. Define how intertwined advertising is in today’s economic world.
  7. Describe how the internet has become the most used service for advertising.
  8. One of the best ways to advertise will always be found in the word of mouth technique.
  9. Animal testing corporations should pay a different type of higher tax rate.
  10. Beauty products that were created through the experimentation of animals should be banned.
  11. Will a company gain some negative stigma when they mimic another competing establishment’s best practices?
  12. What motivates the working individual: fines or bonuses?
  13. Chart out the changes in the business ethic of the stock market.
  14. Should an individual be put through a lie detector test in order to complete their job interview?
  15. Will hiring experts to perform a task benefit the company more than training your preexisting staff to man that position?
  16. Is there a problem with having family members work in the same company?
  17. Should wars be justified simply if a religious leader deemed others as a threat?
  18. What drives a person to adopt a religion?
  19. Can children be given the right to choose their own religion regardless of their parents belief?
  20. Would the introduction of religious education in schools have a positive or negative affect on the student population?