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What Do I Write In An Essay On Why I Want To Be A Nurse?

Entrance essays usually give so many students a difficult time. This is because for most of the lot, they do not really know what to expect from these exams. What most students do not realize is that being in such a situation is one of the best things that could ever happen to you. Those who come with a lot of information already prepared usually have a difficult time, because one simple question that they did not prepare for can throw them off their guard.

With an open mind however, you are able to write from the bottom of your heart, communicate with the reader in the most intricate way so far. If someone asks you why you want to be a nurse, and you already were prepared for this question, you will end up giving structured answers, which is a very easy way to fail.

However, if you are answering from the heart, it is more honest, and this shows in the way you explain yourself to the reader. That being said, the following are some of the issues that you need to mention when working on a paper like this one:

Your passion for caring for others

While writing this paper, it is important that you stress your passion for taking care of people. This is in fact one of the most credible options you have, which will make it easier for you to impress the people who will be reading your paper. They need to see this passion through your writing of course.

Use this as a stepping stone to greater things

There are other things beyond nursing. You can also mention that you are a career oriented person, and it is your wish to use this as a building block for your future plans, and highlight the same.

Fulfil your career goals and objectives

Some people have unique goals and objectives for their careers. If yours is nursing, you have to spell this out to the readers. Make sure that they see it the way you want them to.

To make a difference

The simplest information that you can put out there is that you basically want to make a difference. You want to transform lives through your work.