proper writing guides for anyone.

Fact: It takes at least 2 hours to write a good composition. Alright, you might be very talented and you might have all the experience in the world. However, this does not mean that you can create a good text in only a few minutes, no matter how much you try. You will simply not have enough time to arrange your ideas in the right way, and if you read your composition again you will discover that many things don’t fit. Most of the teachers believe that you need at least 2 hours to write something really good, and much more than this if you aim for an A+.

Truth: All students can write in good way. Yes, that’s right, even the ones who never wrote something before. It’s all about practice and how much time you dedicate to improve your skills. If you take everything in easy way, you will probably never learn how to write a good piece. On the other hand if you spend some time every week writing something, soon enough you will be the best writer in your class.

Fact: Essays improve your intelligence. You might think that compositions only help you when it comes to school, but this is far from being true. When you write every part of your brain is working, and on long term this can be very beneficial for you. You will improve your memory, your thinking, your synthesis capacity and so on. You will notice that the more you write, the easier it is for you to answer to some quick questions or to remember a phone number. Everything is connected and you have to take advantage of this.

Truth. A good idea does not mean a good text. Sometimes you find a very good idea, and you are very excited to write about it. You spend hours working and you proudly present it to your professor, and then you are suddenly disappointed. Your teacher did not like it at all, and he told you that you have to work more on your skills. Even though it is disappointing, you have to understand that it has nothing to do with yourself. A good idea does not mean a good text, and it takes more than a few notes to write something extraordinary. If you practice more you will make it eventually!

Fact: Writing is the best way to memorize. Let’s say that you have to memorize some information about an artist. The best way to do this is to write about him and to read several times what you wrote. In this way you will force your brain to think about the information that you got, not just to read it while thinking about something else.

You can apply these tricks no matter what you have to study for and soon enough you will discover that your grades are going up. With a little bit of work and perseverance anything is possible!